Friday, December 14, 2007


Christmas time has long been one of my favorite times of year. For most of my life, when the season would near and the anticipation of Christmas grew stronger with every passing day...this is what I would picture:

Christmas as a kid!
There is nothing like it!
And for us was always the same routine.

Dad would send us to bed letting us know that he wasn't able to do much this christmas...and yet christmas morning we would rush downstairs to find present after present almost extending beyond the room. Santa always came...sometimes he had little helpers...sometimes he managed it all by himself. But he always came.

I remember we'd make as much noise as it took to wake dad up. Then, as always, he'd start up the hot chocolate that we'd drink before dividing out the gifts . The big waffle breakfast would follow the much anticipated unwrapping.

As the day draws closer, it makes me think of how, as I've gotten older, christmas has changed a bit.
Of course it becomes more about the spiritual meaning...(but I'm sure if you wanted the sermon on that you would be reading the bible instead of my I'll keep it about the "wordly" christmas)
I'll never forget how christmas felt to me for so many years...but now christmas morning brings a new picture to mind:

It's been fun to see how it's changed for me... teach my kids the true meaning of christmas...

...To build new holiday traditions with my little family... have them experience the 'magic' of christmas... see their excitement that morning...

Now...this is the christmas I live for!